All students have the right to attend schools that are safe and secure learning environments. It is the intent of the RSU No. 67 School Board to provide all students with an equitable opportunity to learn.

To that end, the RSU No. 67 School Board has a significant interest in providing a safe, orderly, and respectful school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.

Bullying is detrimental to the school environment and student learning, achievement and well-being. It interferes with the mission of the schools to educate their students and disrupts the operations of the schools. Bullying affects not only students who are targets but also those who participate and witness such behavior. These behaviors must be addressed to ensure student safety and an inclusive learning environment.

It is not the School Board's intent to prohibit students from expressing their ideas, including ideas that may offend the sensibilities of others, or from engaging in civil debate. However, the School Board does not condone and will take action in response to conduct that interferes with students' opportunity to learn, the educational mission of the RSU No. 67 School Board and the operation of the schools.