Constructive criticism of the schools is welcome when it is motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of the education program and to encourage the district schools to perform their task more effectively.

The school board places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in such a manner that employees are free from unnecessary, spiteful, or negative criticism and complaints.

In order for the Board to fairly and adequately discharge its responsibilities and protect the rights of employees and others, citizens having complaints about an individual must follow the procedures described in this policy. No member of the community shall be denied the right to speak with the board as long as these procedures are followed.

Complaints shall be handled and resolved, whenever possible, as close to their origin as possible. All complaints shall be referred back through the chain of command for resolution before investigation or action by the Board. The first step is to discuss the matter directly with the employee against whom the complaint is registered. If the complaint cannot be resolved at that level, the person initiating the complaint may take the matter to the next level; for example, teacher, school principal, superintendent. Should the complaint not be resolved at the superintendent's level, the superintendent shall place the matter on the agenda of the next board meeting, provided the person making the complaint reduces the complaint to writing, sets forth the specific facts on which the complaint is based, and submits the written complaint to the superintendent at least one week prior to the next regular board meeting. The superintendent shall notify the person against whom the complaint is registered of the board meeting and of his/her right to attend and provide such person with a copy of the written complaint as much in advance of the meeting as possible.

Complaints shall be heard by the Board in executive session when confidentiality requirements so dictate. Groups submitting complaints shall appoint a delegate to represent the group at the board meeting.

NOTE: Board members, individually, will refer complaints, suggestions, and constructive criticism about operations matters directly to the superintendent for appropriate consideration and action. Comments affecting policy will be routed through regular channels to the board meeting agenda for consideration by the board, as a whole.