Response to Intervention (RTI) System

RSU No. 67 has a Response to Intervention (RTI) plan to support students in a multi-tiered system of supports PreK through 12th grade.  This page is set up to help parents and teachers see the plan, various documents used in the process, and provide more information about the RTI process.

These links provide more information about the RTI process.

Center on Response to Intervention

Maine Department of Education Guidance on RTI

To access the RSU 67 RTI plan - click here.

For a description of what happens at each tier - click here.

Teacher Forms:

For Guidelines for Shifting Tier Placements - click here.

For Initial Placement Letter - click here.

For Team Review Determination Letter - click here.

For Celebration of Changes in Tiers Letter - click here.

For Documenting Interventions for Skills - click here.

For all other RTI Documents - click here.