May 16, 2024

Dear RSU No. 67 Families,

The purpose of this letter is to notify you of a State of Maine program to assist families with students’ nutritional needs during the summer break. 

You might recall that earlier in the year, the district received a last-minute notification from the State that every family of a public school student was receiving a debit card (called a P-EBT card) with a certain amount of money for the purchase of nutritious food. The "P" stood for pandemic funds that were being distributed to all families.

This new summer program, “Sun Bucks,” is not connected to pandemic funding.  It will be distributed as a regular EBT card for qualifying families. To qualify, families need to meet certain financial need criteria or be enrolled in a program where these criteria have already been met.

Please see the letter and informational sheet, both linked below, for more information. If your family qualifies and you still have your card from earlier this year, it is my understanding that the State could load the new funds electronically for you to use. If your family is eligible but you no longer have your card, the state can provide a new one.

Notifications of eligibility will be going out as soon as Friday, May 17.  I hope the attached information helps to alleviate any confusion.


Paul Austin, Superintendent

Summer Nutrition Program Letter --

Sun Bucks information and rules --