Mattanawcook Academy took 1st place in the 2020 Maine 3D Design Competition held at Kennebec Valley Community College on Saturday.  The team, consisting of Gianni Rosario and Solomon Susen, developed an  innovation to address childhood inactivity during the winter months in  Maine. They competed in Division 5 against 9-12 graders from across the  state.  The first place prize included a FlashForge Finder 3D Printer,  two 3D Printing Pens, and other assorted 3D Printing materials for Mattanawcook Academy. The prize package was valued at $550.  Congratulations to Solomon and Gianna.  Thank you to Mr. Haas for his continued support to promote 3D printing at Mattanawcook Academy.  Also, thank you to the Perloff Foundation and the Bailey Grant that has provided funds to help purchase printers and materials to help the program at MA be successful.