Ella P. Burr Poster Contest

Third graders at Ella P. Burr School in Lincoln, Maine recently took part in the State of Maine Poster Contest. Students took part in promoting the history of Maine by creating a poster that included Maine's symbols. The posters included everything from whoopies pies, white pine trees, lobster, and moxie.  This year a total of 320 entries were received from elementary students throughout Maine. 12 students from Ella P. Burr made it into the final round and received an honorable mention. Those students are: (Back Row L-R) Jaxon Connors, Jarrytt Pelkey, Leah Stevens, Dustin Hanscom, Arya Atwood, Madi Rose, Jaycie Gray (Front Row L-R)  Amelia Sinclair, Justine Thompson, Khloe Maris, and Kailynn McLain 

Not Pictured: Lybbi-Lou Flemming