August 19, 2021

Dear R.S.U. No. 67 Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Members,

I am writing to provide an update on our plans for the opening of schools on September 1.  The plan outlined below, which ensures a safe learning and teaching environment for all, was endorsed by the R.S.U. No. 67 Board of Directors at its August 18 meeting.  This plan will be reviewed regularly, revised as appropriate, and communicated.

  1.  Instructional Practices
    • All schools in R.S.U. No. 67 will have in-person instruction Monday-Friday.  Remote instruction will not be an option for families as all staff resources will serve our in-person, school-based programming

2.  Vaccinations

    • COVID-19 Vaccinations are strongly encouraged for all eligible staff and students.
    •   R.S.U. No. 67 will partner with local agencies to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

3.   Facilities

    • R.S.U. No. 67 facilities will implement appropriate daily cleaning protocols in all R.S.U. No. 67 facilities.
    • R.S.U. No. 67 will ensure adequate ventilation in all facilities. 

4.Symptom Screener Prior to Coming to School

    • Students and/or R.S.U. No. 67 employees exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should stay home.

5.  Social Distancing

    • All students and staff will maintain 3 feet of social distancing where feasible.

6.   Face Coverings

    • Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required by students and employees on all R.S.U. No. 67 buses and vans per order of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    • Face coverings are not required when outside.
    • Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required of all students, staff, and visitors while inside when students are present when the level of community transmission of COVID-19 in Penobscot County is substantial or high or when warranted by local conditions.  R.S.U. No. 67 will monitor data on an ongoing basis.  (Note:  Due to the current health data, masking will be a requirement until further notice.)
    • Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth are required of all PK-6 students who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and staff members working with them. 

7.  Contact Tracing

  • R.S.U. No. 67 will follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provided by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services when responding to a positive COVID-19 Case.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals who are asymptomatic do not need to quarantine.

Thank you so much for your continued support as we look forward to the opening of our 2021-2022 school year. 


Jean M. Skorapa, Superintendent of Schools