RSU No. 67

2022 Bus Route Changes

Chester, Lincoln, and Mattawamkeag

Due to a reduction in bus drivers, RSU No. 67 will be making significant changes to all bus routes starting on Monday, January 3, 2022. These changes are outlined below. If you have any questions regarding these changes, please call RSU No. 67 district office at 794-6500 or email David Ham, Transportation Director at

                The roads that the RSU No. 67 bus’s travel on are underlined.  Other streets mentioned are pickup/delivery points on road corners and along the route, determined by the Transportation Director.

            6:20 a.m. will be the APPROXIMATE first pickup times (unless otherwise noted) of A.M. students for Ella P. Burr, Mattanawcook Junior High School, and Mattanawcook                   Academy.

PLEASE NOTE: Certain areas of town are considered walking distances to certain schools.

 Please understand, especially for elementary students, it will take at least a week for all students and bus drivers to be accustomed to these route changes, and certain drop-off/pick-up times may vary the first week.

 Bus #2

6:20 A.M. Run

From North Chester Bridge, picks up Woodville to Medway town line.  Main Road from Woodville Road to and including Pea Ridge, Keene Road, and back to Main Road. Picks up on Gray Road, back to Main Road, Mattamiscontis Road. Drop off at all 3 schools.

Bus #2

2:20 P.M. Run

Picks up at MJH, EPB, and MA.  Drop-offs are the same as A. M.

 Bus #4

6:20 A.M. Run

From Route 2 crossing Chester Bridge, turning right traveling on Main Road to North Chester, including end of Butterfield Ridge Road, Bagley Mountain, Main Street, Sweet Farm Road, Frost Street.  Drops off at all 3 schools.

 Bus #4

2:10 P.M. Run Picks up at MJH, EPB, and MA. Drops in reverse from A.M. run

 Bus #18

6:25 A.M.  Run

South Lincoln area from West Broadway beginning at Spring Street, to Enfield Line including Spring St. Katahdin Ave, and traveling onto Park St, Mohawk Road, and Old Station Road.  Drops off all schools

 Bus #18

2:10 P.M. 

Picks up at MA, EPB MJHS, Fleming Street, onto West Broadway drops all students from Spring Street Katahdin back to West Broadway to Enfield Line, on West Broadway, Park Street, Mohawk Road, and Old Station Road

 Bus #17

6:25 A.M. 1St Run

Transalpine Road from Hospital to Burlington Line and corner of Albert Drive. Phinney Farm Road, Stanhope Mill Road, Folsom Pond Road. Drops off at MJH, EPB, and MA.

 Bus #17

7:15 A.M. 2ND Run

Enfield Road from Walgreen’s to and including Hale Street, Mt. View Drive, Hillcrest Drive. Picks up back down Enfield Road. Drops off at Junior High, EPB, and MA.

 Bus #17

2:10 P.M. 1ST Run

Drops off on Main Street from red light to Walgreen’s. Drops off Enfield Road.  to Hale Street and Mt View Drive. Upon returning from Hale St., drops off right side on Enfield Road, including Hillcrest Drive to the corner of Taylor Street.

 Bus #17

2:25 P.M. 2ND Run

Drops off Transalpine Road from Hospital to Burlington Line including Phinney Farm Road, Stanhope Mill Road, Folsom Pond Road

Bus #6

6:25 A.M.  Run

Picks up on Enfield Road from PVH to Enfield Town Line including turn around at Millett Mallett Road. Picks up on Penobscot Valley Ave. and Barkley Ave. Picks up on Taylor Street, Frederick Street, Clark Street, Edwards Street turn at Tibbetts Drive. Picks up School Street, Lincoln Street. Drop at MJHS. Picks up on Lakeview, Porter, Wilson, Jewel Streets, and Mackenzie Avenue, turning right onto Lee Road picking up on Libby Street up Whalen Street Down Highland Ave. Dropping off at EPB & MA.

Bus #6

2:10 P.M. Run

EPB and MA dropping off on Highland Ave Whalen Street Libby Street, Lakeview Street, Porter, Mackenzie St. Pick up MJHS. Drops off School Street, Lincoln Street on Taylor Street, Ariel, Fredrick, Clark, Edwards, and Tibbetts Drive. Enfield Road from PVH to Enfield Town Line including turn around at Millett Mallett Road, Penobscot Valley Ave, Barkley Ave.

Bus #1

6:25 A.M. Run

 ALL Lee Road to include Pleasant Street, Morgan Street, Warsaw Circle. Dropping along Lee Rd to Lee Line. Then picks up on Curtis Farm Road, end of South Road, and Halftownship RoadWhitepoint Est, Picks up Lincoln Learning Center. Cross Evergreen Drive. Drop MJHS, EPB, MA

 Bus #1

2:10 P.M Run

Picks up MA, EPB, MJHS. Drop off Lincoln Learning Center, ALL Lee Road including to Whitepoint Est to Lee Line. Then drops off Curtis Farm Road, end of South Road, and Half Township Road. Evergreen Drive.


Bus #8

6:30 A.M. Run

Picks up students on Main Road from Bagley Mountain to Webb Hill, Backsettlement, picks up the length of the Hathaway Road, Medway Road, the square in town, and picks up Main Road Upon return picks up Main Road picks up Town Farm. Drop off at MA, EPB, Cross Libby Street (MJHS only students). drop MJHS

Bus #8

2:00 P.M. Run

Picks up at MJHS crosses Libby Street, EPB, and MA-Takes home same students as in morning run.


Bus #13

Will start picking up on Long Ridge Road at about 6:15 A.M, then into Burlington village and pick up students along Main Road, to Grand Falls upon return will pick Back Road to Churchill Road into Lowell, Tannery Road picking up to Enfield Town Line including and Enfield Students attending RSU 67. Transalpine Road to Hale Street to include all side streets, pick up in around Perryville including the end or Lindsay Street Drops off MJHS, pick up from Clay Street to EPB. Drop EPB and MA    

 Bus #13

2:15 PM Run

Picks up MA, EPB. Drops off from EPB to Clay Street, picks up MJHS. Drops Perryville at the ends of Lindsay Street, Hale Street to Transalpine Road. Drops off Long Ridge Road all of Burlington, Lowell, and Enfield.

Bus Route Changes For 2022

 Bus #1 Lynn Authurs

 Bus #2 Jim Lane

 Bus #4 Galen Ireland

 Bus #13 Dan Leighton

 Bus #17 Jess Jordan

 Bus #18 Heidi Jordan