January 5, 2022

Dear R.S.U. No. 67 Community,

R.S.U. No. 67 has partnered with Concentric Services to provide voluntary pooled testing services to our students.  Pooled testing is a procedure that is provided free of charge and takes less than a minute to complete per individual.  With parental permission, individual samples are collected and placed in a group for testing.  If a group sample is negative, all individuals in the group are considered to be negative for COVID.  If a group sample is positive, all individuals in that sample group will be individually tested, free of charge, with a rapid test.  Rapid test results are available within approximately 15 minutes of testing.

A letter was sent home to families to determine the level of interest in a voluntary pooled testing system.  Families are asked to please return the form to their child's school by January 11.  More information and a consent form will be sent separately at a later time if we have enough interest to continue to move forward.


Jean Skorapa, Superintendent