April 22, 2022

Dear Staff, Parents, and Community Members,

 With the passage of LD 153 (An Act to Strengthen Testing for Lead in School Drinking Water), the Maine Legislature mandated that all K-12 schools in Maine test their drinking water for the presence of lead.  In March, all sinks, spigots, and drinking fountains in the district were tested for the presence of lead by A & L Laboratory.  Unhealthy elevations of lead are considered anything measuring over 4 parts per billion (ppb). 

Yesterday we have received results from the samples taken at Ella P. Burr and the district office.  Three locations at Ella P. Burr and one location at the district office were identified as having unhealthy elevations of lead.  Signage was posted at each location and water from those sites is unavailable for consumption. 

Today we received notification that 28 out of the 64 sample sites at Mattanawcook Academy contained unhealthy elevations of lead.  Only one of the 28 locations with elevated lead content is a drinking fountain.  That fountain has been taken offline, while the other fountains remain accessible for drinking.  All other positive locations have been posted that the water is unavailable for consumption.  Out of an abundance of caution, the district will provide bottled water to any student or staff member who requests it.

We have requested an investigatory follow-up by A & L Laboratory to pinpoint the cause of the lead.  This will allow us to develop a plan on how to best remediate the issue.  We will communicate updated information as soon as it is available.


Jean M. Skorapa, Superintendent