Dear RSU 67 staff, students, families, and community members,  

At approximately 9:15 AM this morning, an MJHS staff member alerted the administration of a potential threat against MJHS.  The threat was isolated to MJHS and did not include other schools in the district or any person.  MJHS and district administration informed law enforcement immediately and followed established protocols and procedures.  Local and state law enforcement officials responded quickly and were on site within minutes.  To ensure the safety of students and staff, MJHS was evacuated and transported to Mattanawcook Academy while law enforcement conducted their initial assessment.  Parents were informed of the evacuation as soon as feasibly possible via call, text, email, and district media sites.      

Given the time needed to conduct a thorough investigation, it was determined to dismiss MJHS students for the remainder of the day.  Students were fed and then dismissed at 11:45 this morning.  Local and state law enforcement are continuing their investigation. At this time, law enforcement has determined that the threat was not credible and that MJHS is safe and secure.  The school will be in session tomorrow as scheduled.   

Regardless of how prepared we are as a district to respond to emergencies like today, we also understand that these incidents are frightening to students, parents, and staff.  Please know that we take these threats very seriously.  If you or anyone you know needs support regarding the incident today, please reach out to a school counselor or an administrator for assistance.  The district will have counselors available tomorrow and beyond if needed.  

Finally, I want to thank our administration, staff, students, families, and law enforcement for your responsiveness and cooperation.  Please remember that if you see or hear something, report it immediately.  Together, we can ensure that RSU 67 is a safe and secure environment for all who pass through our doors.  



Paul Austin, Superintendent of Schools

RSU 67