MA Scoring Procedure

Mattanawcook Academy Feedback/Scoring Procedures

Guidelines for Feedback/Scoring Procedures

1. During this unprecedented time in education, R.S.U. No. 67 is committed to “hold harmless”- no
grading procedure will negatively impact a student.
2. The Prek-grade 8 system recently closed out the 2nd trimester. The 9-12th system was roughly 6
weeks into the 2nd semester when remote learning began.
3. Students in good standing prior to the last day of classes on 3/13/20 and who continue to make
an effort* to maintain/deepen skills will advance to the next grade level, receive full credit, and/or
receive a diploma. *The effort is determined based on the individual needs of the student and
remote learning circumstances. Remediation for improvement of scores prior to 3/13/20 is
definitely appropriate and expected.
4. We will work through a support system model to provide a plan for success.
5. Although guidelines need to be set - flexibility needs to be allowed to err on the side of the
6. Feedback on work being done is important. We need to provide some type of feedback for work
being sent home. The feedback could be sharing answer keys, asking for pictures of work, or
reaching out to see how it is going.
MA Expectations
Teachers review where students were when we left school. All students are encouraged to share
evidence of what they are doing at home either through phone calls, virtual platforms set up by teachers,
or other means. We will:
● Ensure work is appropriate and meaningful.
● Provide learning opportunities for students based on previous learning from this *semester.
Learning opportunities will focus on maintaining/reviewing content and skills or providing
exposure to content.
● Provide feedback to students on submitted work.
● Provide equity by ensuring students are adequately supported.
*Seniors will have the opportunity to work on graduation requirements (24 credits, all required
Earning credits
● In order to receive credit in any class for the second semester, a student must provide evidence
of completion of the work assigned by the teacher for that class up to March 13th, the date
regular classes ended.
● Students earning a grade of 70 or better will receive credit for that class.
● Students earning a grade below 70 will not receive credit until missing work is completed.
● All students, regardless of grade, will have the opportunity to improve grades in classes.
● Any additional remote learning work provided by teachers beyond the March 13
th date will be
used to improve a student’s grade in a class.
● Any additional remote learning work provided by teachers beyond the March 13
th date that is not
completed will not be used to reduce a student’s grade.