Every year the graduating class votes to select a deserving person to receive the honor of having the yearbook dedicated to them. The class is asked to reflect on their time at Mattanawcook Academy and think about who they feel should be recognized and celebrated for their contributions to our school community.

We are all aware of the impact COVID-19 had on our lives over the last two years; and as much as we are happy and thankful to be physically present in school this year, we will never forget the disruption that took place to our education and daily routine while in school. The recipient is someone that despite the challenges of COVID-19, kept Mattanawcook Academy together behind the scenes. He may not be a teacher in a classroom but he can teach us all lessons about diligence, dedication, dependability, and work ethic -characteristics that have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. He is the keeper of our school, a true patriot, and a deserving person of this recognition. The 2021-22 Yearbook is dedicated to Mr. Bob Runge.  

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